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Detect actual downtime before your users do

A number of variables can make a video conference endpoint or bridge go offline or degrade the user experience.

The challenge is that some of these variables can only be detected by actual test calls. Calls that can be quite time consuming and easily forgotten on busy days.

We believe your day is better spent on actual troubleshooting as opposed to looking for potential trouble.

We are developing the UpTime.VC cloud service to enable you to automate, schedule and record your video test calls, and to be alerted when issues are detected.

Let's assume your are responsible for managing 200 video conference endpoints.

You can with UpTime.VC schedule test calls to all endpoints 6 am local time every day. Whenever an issue is detected, you'll receive email with call stats and video link to visually inspect the test call in question.


Automated test calling

Schedule automatic X minutes test calls to take place every Y hour.


Add PIN code when authentication is required (e.g. to access a VMR).

Talking heads

Optionally add talking heads to better simulate real calls.


Every test call is recorded enabling you to visually inspect any test calls.


Receive email alerts when test calls fail or issues are detected.


View call stats (Receive/transmit: BW, audio, video) per call.


While a GUI is available you have the option to integrate with your VNOC.

Available 24/7

As a cloud service, UpTime.VC is always available to test for you.


14-Day Trial

  • 1 User
  • 5 Test Destinations
  • Unlimited Test Calls
  • Fantastic Support

Plan 25

  • 1 User
  • 25 Test Destinations
  • Unlimited Test Calls
  • Fantastic Support

Plan 50

  • 2 Users
  • 50 Test Destinations
  • Unlimited Test Calls
  • Fantastic Support

Plan 100

  • 3 Users
  • 100 Test Destinations
  • Unlimited Test Calls
  • Fantastic Support

Test Testinations: The number of unique video conferencing endpoints and virtual meeting rooms you want to test on a regular basis.
For questions regarding higher volume subscriptions or pricing for resellers and service providers, please contact

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